New Year New You…and all that

New Years is hands down my favorite holiday. I love starting fresh with new goals and a fresh perspective, reflecting all the wonderful things that happened this past year, as well as learning from those that could have gone better. Taking on a full time employee, who in many ways is very much a mirror of myself (for more on that, be sure to follow us on Instagram at, has created an opportunity to have some fun and learn and grow together. One of our goals is to meet bi-weekly with a book report and share with each other what we’ve learned.


Sara: I chose “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. It came to my attention via a Facebook post that I wish I could find to share with you, but you can get a sense of the practical advice demonstrated in this Today Show segment. The overall message of the book is that there are 2 simple parts to tidying up your home and your life: discard everything that does not “spark joy” and make sure everything has a place. But there is so much more practical information on how to discard and why we struggle. I can’t think of a single person that would not benefit from reading from this book. I can’t wait to tackle the enormous task of tidying up my life!

Laura:  “Think and Make it Happen” by Dr. Augusto Cury was my choice. The power of positive thinking and the limitless ability of your mind to shape how you react to and remember things were the themes that resonated. Opening up your mind to allow so much more in, and make life more enjoyable. I’m looking forward to reflecting on these ideas more to incorporate them in my vision for 2017 and beyond.


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